Before you replace it, try scheduling bathtub repair service in Atlanta, GA with Georgia Tub & Tile Refinishing

Is your bathtub covered in chips, cracks and scratches? Don't throw it away. Georgia Tub & Tile Refinishing can restore it. We use an isocyanate-free chemical for bathtub scratch repair work. This is safer for you and your family than many common scratch repair chemicals.

You won't want to hide your tub behind a shower curtain once we've restored it. Arrange for a bathtub repair appointment in the Atlanta, GA area by calling 770-698-9922 now.

Should you repair or replace your bathtub?

If your bathtub is scratched, you've probably wondered whether it's worth fixing.
Repairing your old tub lets you...

Keep your vintage or antique tub: If your tub is part of your bathroom's d├ęcor, you'll likely want to keep it.

Save money on a replacement: Removal, disposal and installation expenses, plus the cost of the tub itself, add up.

Maintain a small carbon footprint: Repairing that bathtub scratch is an environmentally-friendly solution.

Schedule a bathtub scratch repair service in Atlanta, Georgia or the surrounding area.