Will The New Surface Look Brand New?

This truly depends on the condition of your tub. While resurfacing is a unique process it is not a re-porcelainization or a relayering of the material that was on it before. It is a synthetic material and as such you are subject to find previous imperfections. Porcelain and steel tubs have much better success rates than fiberglass or cultured marble however in achieving the newest look possible.

What Do I Use To Clean The New Surface?

Anything non-abrasive is generally fine, however we do recommend that you read the label to be certain there is no clear cut warning against use on refinished surfaces, as some cleaners may have chemicals in them that will be harmful. Any abrasives, like Comet, or mild abrasives, like Soft Scrub, can damage the surface and greatly decrease the lifespan. For heavy soap scum build up, a light scrub pad may be used, but not often.

Can I Use A Bath mat If The Surface Is Too Slippery?

A bath mat can be used, but ONLY one WITHOUT suction cups. These can generally be purchased at bed & bath specialty stores. If you have a hard time finding one, we can specially order for you. Another alternative is the bathtub strips that you stick to the surface, however be aware that they cannot be removed without potentially damaging the surface.

What If My Bathtub Has Been Refinished Before?

This will not hinder the ability to refinish your tub, however more than likely it will have to be stripped to it original surface before the process can begin. This procedure is not only more labor intensive, but will take longer to complete and incur an additional cost.

Are Bathtubs The Only Fixture That Can Be Refinished?

No. Tile, sinks, and countertops can also be refinished depending on the substrate from which the fixture is made.

What Types Of Substrates Can Be Refinished?

Porcelain and ceramic are the most common and tend to provide the best results. However, fiberglass and and cultured marble can also resurfaced. Acrylics and ABS plastic surfaces cannot as they have a tendency to melt or shrink.

What Else Do I Need To Be Aware Of?

We use best quality material on the market, taking into consideration safety of your family as well as ourselves. Our product is isocyanite and lead free, which rules out short or long-term damage. As with almost any renovation process of this nature, there is an inconvenience of odor, however this fades as the surface dries. The availability of proper ventilation will also aid in this process.

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